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Fire Damage Experts in Germantown Talk about Extra Problems with Water

8/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Experts in Germantown Talk about Extra Problems with Water Water Exacerbates Fire Damage Cleanup in Germantown--Call SERVPRO for Great Results

SERVPRO Deals with Both Fire & Smoke and Water When Cleaning and Restoring Your Residence in Germantown

Whenever a fire starts on a property in Germantown, several kinds of problems can take place. First off, a fire can spread quickly and burn anything in its way including your building materials and contents. Things often get torched unevenly leaving various amounts of charring present on objects in the house. During most blazes, not everything burns entirely and incomplete combustion causing smoke to enter the airflow. Smoke travels throughout the home and can affect areas of the structure that are located far away from the source. Smoky air flowing from room to room can leave behind unpleasant aromas and soot residues. On top of it all, when a fire gets put out either you or the firefighters most likely use excessive amounts of water to extinguish all of the flames. The unusually large quantities of moisture entering your home can also create its own types of issues.
When water floods out a building after a burn, remediation work can get complicated. During several fire damage projects in Germantown, wet materials slow down the restoration process. When materials get burnt or covered in soot, and excessive moisture is added the charring or soils can soak deeper into the affected substances. If soils stay on wet materials for too long, they can become harder to clean.
In most cases, our SERVPRO technicians immediately test moisture levels of burnt building materials and contents when they know that water damage may have been added to the situation. When testing water content, we take a reading in the area that could be wet as well as a region we know that is unaffected. To figure out how damp something is, we compare these two numbers.
If a good portion of the affected section of your house is abnormally wet, then our SERVPRO crew can conduct rapid structural drying procedures before any mitigation on charred items begins. We set up dehumidifiers and air movers in the affected areas so that moisture levels drop. By discarding soaked and burnt items, the moisture level automatically drops.
If building materials or contents are severely burnt, then they get removed. Most of the time when items get affected by smoke, cleaning or refinishing can prevent them from being discarded. If you ever find yourself dealing with the infamous fire and water damage combination, call SERVPRO of Manayunk at (215) 482-0800 any time of the day.

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Water Cleanup Services In Germantown After Leaks Or Floods

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Cleanup Services In Germantown After Leaks Or Floods We have the tools to restore your home.

Water Cleanup Services

Emergencies can happen in your Germantown home at any time, but they seem to occur whenever it is the most inconvenient. SERVPRO crews are always ready to help you protect your home from minor mishaps and major emergencies round the clock. Our training prepares us for the worst situations.

When either small leaks plague a home or a flood covers our local neighborhoods, Germantown residents can depend on SERVPRO's water cleanup services to make things right again. We have the tools to restore your home “Like it never even happened” so your family can continue with their regular habits and activities, sans interruption once again.

Technicians at SERVPRO receive extensive training, earning IICRC certificates in Water Damage Restoration (WRT) and other areas to better protect customers' homes from damage and deterioration. When we arrive at a job in our Green Fleet, we do a thorough inspection of the situation. We also have a consultation with the homeowners. After no more water can invade your home, we start working to clean up the water and dry out your home.

Water cleanup begins with the extraction of all visible water. When the water came from a clean source, we can often save carpets from becoming too damaged for restoration. If flooding from outside or other dirty sources are involved in your home's emergency, replacing the carpet and padding is often the only option available that can provide the results we desire.

Hardwood floors and other less porous floors can still hold onto water, making the use of more intensive equipment necessary. Heat-producing machinery helps increase the speed that evaporation takes place, and with moisture extracting devices in place, we gather increasingly more amounts of water from the structures in your home.

Water from clean or dirty sources can deposit griminess on the once-clean belongings inside your residence. Our crews can get these clean for you and your family, quickly and without much fuss. We want you to be amazed at our work and happy that you called us. From start to finish, SERVPRO technicians strive to restore each home back to its pre-incident condition.

The technicians at SERVPRO of Manayunk live in our local communities and are proud to serve our neighbors in Roxborough, Mt Airy, and Dearnley Park. When your home requires water cleanup and removal services, call us at (215) 482-0800. Faster to Any Size Disaster, we understand your concerns and can help guide you through this and any other emergency crisis affecting your property.

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Aspects to Look at During Water Damage Restoration in Germantown

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Aspects to Look at During Water Damage Restoration in Germantown Water damage can quickly affect your home. Contact SERVPRO for a fast response and efficient drying out services.

Team SERVPRO Effectively Tackles Water Damage Regardless of the Source of the Water

Water damage restoration is not all about extracting water from a structure and ventilating the area so that drying can take place. Professionals in this area understand the drying theory and how to apply its principles to achieve the drying goal. So, do not make a mistake of thinking that placing drying equipment and spraying products are all that professionals do during the restoration process. We are going to look at the various aspects that professionals consider when attending to such incidents in Germantown.
The amount of water in your property after a water damage event in Germantown is also crucial. Our SERVPRO technicians start by determining its source - it can be black water, gray water, or clean water. Clean water does not contain waste products, and it is usually water from a treated source. It can come from faulty appliances, overflowing sinks, leaking roofs and burst pipes. Fewer health risks are associated with this category of water; though, it ceases to be clean once it flows across the soil. In most cases, carpets and pads exposed to clean water are salvageable.
Gray water is also known as category 2 water, and it carries waste products - minus human waste. If your washing machine malfunctions and overflows, the water it dumps on the floor is under this category. It may present health risks if a person drinks, touches, or experiences any form of contact. Our SERVPRO team thoroughly cleans carpets exposed to gray water and replaces saturated pads.
Category 3 water is known as black water - though it does not means the water must be black. It is majorly unsanitary water with much debris which exposes humans to health risks. Burst sewage back-ups and floodwater are examples of its sources. It is advisable to replace porous materials, pads, and carpets that are contaminated with black water.
At SERVPRO of Manayunk, we respond immediately to storm, mold, fire, and water damage disaster. Call us at (215) 482-0800 and let us make your property “Like it never even happened.”
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Cleaning Out Flood Damage in Your Mt Airy Residence Makes it Livable and Safe Again

7/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Cleaning Out Flood Damage in Your Mt Airy Residence Makes it Livable and Safe Again Count on SERVPRO to Supply Heavy Duty Equipment for Storm Damage Cleanup in the Mt Airy Neighborhood

Water Damage Mitigation Is Crucial after a Storm

Floodwater smells really bad, and even after leaving, the odor only seems to get worse. Before a flood strikes in or near Mt Airy, homeowners often try to save more valuable items in their homes by placing them in higher locations. Later, we often find that this act of preparation continues to benefit homeowners because we can more easily work in areas directly affected by the flooding.
Once a Mt Airy home sustains flood damage, SERVPRO crews work fast to get things right again, “Like it never even happened.” Accomplishing this takes time and teamwork. Our IICRC- certified technicians ensure that water damage, microbial infestation, and other situations remain under control during the process of mitigating flood damage.
The amount of time to air out and completely dry your home after a flooding event depends on how much water absorbed into porous materials, and how warm we keep your home's interior. Although we extract as much water as possible in the initial stages, many times making more than one pass during this phase, absorbent materials can retain moisture. The air can also become saturated with water vapor. Higher heat means the air can hold more moisture, which we then force outdoors. Continually doing this slowly but steadily dries out your home's interior walls, floors, and air.
Dehumidifiers can work for small floods, such as an accident involving an overflowing sink, but for massive flooding, desiccant machines work more effectively. These machines can help eradicate areas of microbes left over by drying them out, although SERVPRO also uses air scrubbers. These remove any microbes or dust found in the air. Once dry, our crew members start cleaning surfaces to ensure everything becomes clean again and safe to touch. Odors also get treated through various methods, ensuring your home also smells like it should.

SERVPRO of Manayunk wants to make your flooded home livable again by mitigating flood damage. Being kept out of your home by disasters can seem like a never-ending nightmare, but we are here to help. If your home is in the Germantown or Andorra areas, call us at (215) 482-0800.

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Two Methods To Get The Stench Out Of Germantown Homes

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Two Methods To Get The Stench Out Of Germantown Homes Once a fire damages a home in Germantown, fixing things so your family can once again live in it takes time.

Fire Damage Restoration

Once a fire damages a home in Germantown, fixing things so your family can once again live in it takes time. Things need more than just looking nice, though, because in even small, localized fires that you were able to contain and extinguish easily can create smells that linger. These smells seem stronger at times, but scented sprays do little more than temporarily cover them up, and then, only barely.

If your Germantown home sustained fire damage, mitigation of the home by SERVPRO ensures that every step happens as it should. Mitigation by a professional team means your home not only looks “Like it never even happened.” but that it also smells like it did before the fire happened.

Smoke produces heavy soot particles that fall to the ground wherever the heat of the fire pushes them. Sometimes, this means soot particles end up in unreachable areas. This does not keep them from disintegrating, becoming airborne again, and producing an ongoing stench in your home, however.

After we finish the cleanup and restoration tasks of your home's physical aspects, we can direct our attention to those that you smell. Getting the smell out is crucial to your family's health and comfort because these odors come from substances that might contain carcinogens, and their presence can make your family experience other effects. Taste is significantly related to smell, and anything that interferes with your sense of smell can affect how your meals taste.

Our IICRC-certified technicians use different techniques to rid homes of unwanted odors, including those caused by fire damage. One includes the generation of hydroxyl gas, which we can safely use in your home even when occupied. We use this at times to clean the air while we work, to make conditions safer for us.

Once we finish our work, if odors still cause problems, we implement a more direct approach that mimics the way the some acted during the fire. Because smoke can spread out and affect an entire home, even if the fire remained small, smoky odors can come from anywhere. Thermal fogging can rid a home of these odors quickly, no matter where they hide. The heated steam, carrying deodorizing agents, gets pushed into areas that otherwise remain unreachable, and alters the chemical makeup of the soot particles.

SERVPRO of Manayunk wants to ensure the homeowners and their families of Andorra, Chestnut Hell, and Dearnley Park live in homes fully restored of fire damage after an incident. Call us at (215) 482-0800, so we can perform a complete mitigation service for you that makes your home truly as safe as it looks.

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Resolving Commercial Water Damage In Your Germantown Gift Shop

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Resolving Commercial Water Damage In Your Germantown Gift Shop No matter the cause of your shop's commercial water damage, SERVPRO has technicians certified by the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration.

Resolving Commercial Water Damage

When your gift shop's restroom facilities cause a mini-flood in your gift shop, everything seems to get soaked. Your customers really do not relish the idea of wading around, and neither do your employees. Getting things back to normal fast can help you stay in business instead of needing to close your doors permanently.

No matter the cause of your Germantown shop's commercial water damage, SERVPRO has technicians certified by the IICRC in Water Damage Restoration (WRT). We can get your shop dried out and keep it in business. If a disaster has not struck yet, our READY Plan can help you save precious time in responding to such a crisis, and we can always assist you in preparing one for any business you own.

In water damage cases, we always ensure the water no longer poses a problem. Shutting it off at the main often resolves this, but we know your building needs water in various places, so we work quickly to repair things at the exact site of the leak. Then we can begin restoring your shop “Like it never even happened.”

When a customer notifies us quickly, we can often save substantially more inventory from loss and damages. Waiting only intensifies the damage and creates more loss. We list your inventory, so you have an easier time submitting claims to your insurance. These lists can also help you restock your store and get things back to normal faster.

Our technicians want to help you get everything dried out and back to normal quickly and efficiently. We use various pieces of machinery that force air into places that can absorb water and then retain it, only to cause mold problems weeks later. Drying things out fast stops mold, as well as the deterioration of building materials, from occurring.

SERVPRO of Manayunk can help your business beat water damage and stay in business without affecting your overall sales. We work quickly, so your shop does not need to stay closed for long. Call us at (215) 482-0800, and we can get started right away.

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Germantown's Flood Damage Technicians Explain How Moisture Can Effect Wood Floors

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Germantown's Flood Damage Technicians Explain How Moisture Can Effect Wood Floors Stormwater Removal and Drying in Germantown Floors Needed? Try SERVPRO, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Removes Water to Mitigate Damages After Storms in the Germantown Area

Excessive moisture can affect various materials inside your Germantown condo differently. When drying various substances, it helps to know how water acts when it comes into contact with the particular item. Wood floors get affected by moisture in primarily the same fashion every time. Grasping how the flooring reacts when it gets wet aids our SERVPRO technicians in the water removal process.
How wood floors behave when they get saturated depends on several factors including the amount of moisture and how long the materials have been wet. When mitigating flood damage problems in Germantown that take place after a severe thunderstorm, permeance and exposure time are the two significant variables determining the amount of damage to the floorboards. Permeance refers to how easily water vapor passes through a material. Exposure time refers to how long material was in contact with moisture, allowing for continued wicking into the wood grains.

When materials stay in contact with water for an extended period, the typical problems associated with moisture damage can get much worse. All wood naturally contains a small amount of moisture. As more water soaks into the wood, it expands. When wood expands warping is likely. Buckling can also occur at the joints where the floor pieces come together. The longer the wood floor stays in contact with water, the worse the buckling issues can become.
If water stays inside the wood, buckling can become permanent and remain after the floors are dried out. In some cases, buckling can be fixed by sanding down and refinishing the floors. In other situations, the floor's buckling is so severe that the wood floor must be pulled up and replaced.

How the water comes into contact with the wooden flooring can also affect how the wood reacts to being wet. When moisture gets absorbed from the bottom and sides of the wood floor, the edges of the floor pieces slightly raise or "cup." Cupping can often be fixed by sanding down the floors. When the top of the wood holds more moisture than the sides and the bottom crowning can take place. Crowning makes the wood arch creating a bowed shape in the middle. Crowning usually happens when the bottom of the wood gets dried too much and too quickly. In most cases, crowning cannot be repaired by sanding and refinishing, and the flooring materials must get removed and replaced.
Rapidly drying, but controlled and monitored, wood flooring materials after a storm hits town is the best way to prevent buckling, cupping, and crowning. Our SERVPRO technicians always closely monitor moisture levels within the wood during the drying process so that over-drying does not occur. Anytime you need help removing water from wood floors after a severe thunderstorm or flooding, call SERVPRO of Manayunk at (215) 482-0800.

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The Right Measures to Take after Experiencing Mold Damage in Mt Airy

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Right Measures to Take after Experiencing Mold Damage in Mt Airy Quick action on your part by calling SERVPRO at the first sight or smell of mold can contain the infestation and offer efficient remediation services.

Team SERVPRO Contains the Mold Infestation in Your Home Before Finding the Cause and Remediating the Damage 

Continuous exposure to indoor mold damage may lead to health effects, and that is why there are some service providers out there that can help with cleanup or remediation of mold. As long as oxygen and moisture are present, mold can grow on any organic substance. That is why we advise residents of Mt Airy to act whenever they discover any moisture accumulation in their homes.
While our SERVPRO technicians can control indoor mold damage incidents in Mt Airy, it is not possible to eliminate all mold spores that exist in our buildings. It is hard to see the spores without any magnification, and that means they are so light and can continually move through the outdoor and indoor environment. The moment they land on damp materials, they start to grow and in the process digest surfaces as a means of surviving.
Identifying the mold is one of the tasks that or SERVPRO technicians do while at the site. We start by doing a visual inspection and look for mold growth in contents that contain cellulose such as wood products, gypsum boards, studs and ceiling tiles. Basements, attics, and crawl spaces are prone to mold attacks and while at those places we check whether there is some discoloration on the walls and any present of a musty smell. With the use of moisture sensors and meters, we can detect any hidden moisture intrusion.
Once our SERVPRO technicians detect a mold problem, some of the corrective actions we take include: identifying and stopping the moisture sources, cleaning or removing materials with the mold contamination, removing the mold and thoroughly drying the area before any construction or renovation work starts. Before any mold remediation processes begin, our technicians put in place containment measures. These actions help in establishing an airlock region between the contaminated area, and the uncontaminated area. For instance, by using exhaust fans, we can create a negative pressure that prevents the spread of the spores.
SERVPRO of Manayunk is an industry leader in commercial and residential mold remediation and cleaning services. Call us at (215) 482-0800 when you need to work with highly trained and dedicated restoration technicians.
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Rebuilding And Reconstruction Following A Fire In Your Chestnut Hill Residence

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Rebuilding And Reconstruction Following A Fire In Your Chestnut Hill Residence SERVPRO Helps Homeowners with Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup in the Chestnut Hill Area

SERVPRO Assists, Not Just with the Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration, to Getting Your Home Back to Being a Home

Fire in your Chestnut Hill home is never something that a homeowner wants to have to deal with, but unfortunately, it is not as rare of an occurrence as you might believe. Knowing that there are countless ways that a disaster like this could happen, there are few precautions that can even get taken to prevent it. Regardless of the severity, homeowners ultimately require professional assistance to overcome the effects of a fire.

The fire damages to your Chestnut Hill residence can vary from incident to incident, but it is best to choose the team that can handle the situation regardless of how widespread and severe these damages might be. Our SERVPRO professionals have the expertise and the equipment to handle all fire restoration tasks and to help you to restore your home or prepare it for the next step in returning it to preloss conditions.

As you might expect, many fires that occur to area homes are widespread and severe. These damages not only require professional restoration assistance, but they ultimately require the employment of a residential contractor as well for rebuilding efforts and reconstruction. While our initial assessment can often determine what materials and areas of your home require this added step, much of our restoration work sheds light on areas and materials that could be weak or too damaged to salvage.

In these cases, our SERVPRO professionals set to work on the removal of these overly damaged components. The idea hinges on controlled demolition tactics, which ensure that only the unsalvageable materials get removed. The process prepares these areas where removal occurred for reconstruction and remodeling with new materials, often by a separate contractor. Our SERVPRO team can produce a CCIS, Contents Claim Inventory Service, that documents the non-salvageable building elements and possessions that can assist in your insurance claim and expedite all ancillary workings to achieve a renewed home.

Our team can help you to overcome all of the effects of a fire in your home, from soot and smoke damage to water damage left behind from extinguishment. When you get faced with the damages from a fire in your residence, do not hesitate to call our SERVPRO of Manayunk fire restoration specialists. We can be reached anytime by calling (215) 482-0800.

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How Water Heater Damage In Chestnut Hill Can Ruin Your Day

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage How Water Heater Damage In Chestnut Hill Can Ruin Your Day Water heaters are a staple in modern American homes, but even new and expensive models may sometimes be prone to malfunctioning and creating damage.

Water Heater Damage

Water heaters are a staple in modern American homes, but even new and expensive models may sometimes be prone to malfunctioning and creating water damage in Chestnut Hill and other local communities. There are several ways in which a water heater can damage your home, some more severe than others, but these are almost always severe enough to warrant a call to a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO. Be sure to maintain and replace aging water heaters to avoid these potential calamities.

Although they are less common than other types of water heater damage in Chestnut Hill, ruptures in the equipment's exterior can cause some of the most severe clean water damage possible in a typical single-family residence. With large volumes of liquid water, both stored inside the tank and flowing in as pressure decreases, this type of malfunction may flood a significant portion of your home before anyone can shut off the water source. If you believe your water heater has sustained an exterior rupture, call us immediately so that we can direct you on what to do next.

Water Line Failures
Most water heater models require a steady inflow of water to operate, and when the water lines responsible for this encounter problems, they can quickly create severe water damage that can rival a proper rupture in size and significance. Some troubles with water lines may initially seem light and fixable, but even a small crack or tear can seriously compromise the integrity and create much more disastrous issues hours or days after the first signs of damage.

Many pipes and connectors in the average water heater may be prone to leaks, especially if the device has gone without maintenance or replacement for a long time. Stopping up a leak may be easier than repairing other problems, but severe damage can result in the long term if the leak goes unnoticed. SERVPRO helps to both check the water heater for additional problems and reverse any damage caused in the past in a fast, cost-effective manner.

SERVPRO of Manayunk is ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Call us 24/7 at (215) 482-0800.

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