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The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation in Your Roxborough Home

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Importance of Professional Mold Remediation in Your Roxborough Home Mold grows quickly when the conditions are right. Contact SERVPRO for specialists to remediate the infestation in your home.

SERVPRO Technicians Deal With Mold Damage in an Efficient and Effective Way

Your Roxborough home deals with humidity through a good part of the warmer months, not to mention the severe weather it is always seemingly expecting throughout the year. With these possibilities always a constant in the area, it can make for some damp and moist conditions in some regions of your home that might not get exposed to fresh air and circulation that often. Ideally, you want your home to be dry, but having too damp of areas can and often does result in the growth of mold and fungus.
Mold damage to your Roxborough home is nothing that you should hesitate to remedy. It does not take a long time for colonies to spread out and affect a wider area, so contending the issue as early as you can aid the remediation process in getting completed promptly and having a more permanent result. In these instances, professional restoration and mold remediation are critical to keeping your family safe. Mold damage has gotten directly linked to potential health effects, and those exposed to the colonies are at risk for these effects.
Professional mold remediation is a thorough and concise process that implements the most modern and effective approaches to remove the entire hyphae of the growing organisms on the surfaces in your home and to work to prevent similar situations from occurring again in the immediate future. Our SERVPRO professionals get uniquely trained in mold remediation techniques that are the most efficient for every variety of mold and fungus and can identify the best approach to safely and effectively remove the colonies.
Sanding is an approach that can potentially remove the entire organism, mainly when used in conjunction with a chemical solution sprayed on the organic surfaces to seep into pores and dry out any remaining mold. Drying the area is critical to preventing mold damage from reoccurring, and this gets done by implementing air movers and dehumidification equipment in the affected areas. Locating the source of the moisture is required to prevent further exposure. Otherwise, dehumidification might have to continue indefinitely.
When you first experience mold in your Roxborough home, you should not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Manayunk to help you remove the colonies and provide a safer environment for your family moving forward. Our mold remediation specialists are available 24/7 at (215) 482-0800.

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What to Do When You Have a Small Kitchen Fire in Your Chestnut Hill Residence

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What to Do When You Have a Small Kitchen Fire in Your Chestnut Hill Residence Small kitchen fires can leave behind greasy soot stains, bad odors and minor damage requiring professional restoration services.

Call SERVPRO as Soon as the Fire is Out to Minimize the Damage

Sometimes small fires happen in your kitchen, and they can cause minor damage. Fire does not always mean a charred structure or needing to move out of your home while renovation happens. In many cases, fires can be extinguished relatively quickly and not do massive amounts of structural damage. However, even when they are small, fires can still leave behind greasy soot stains, bad odors, and minor damage to your countertops and stove. In these cases, you will most likely need the assistance of professional help to deal with the soot that has fused itself onto the surfaces of your kitchen as well as to deal with odors.

Our skilled technicians can get to the site of the fire damage in your Chestnut Hill residence swiftly after your call. We understand how vital it is to clean up the damage as quickly as possible when it comes to fire since it is usually time sensitive. If the damage is left unchecked, discoloration may begin to occur where soot has adhered. When it comes to fires, it is best to call a restoration service company as quickly as possible.

SERVPRO technicians can clean soot from your countertops and other surfaces by using cleaning methods that break the bond between the soot and the surface material. Usually, lubrication or chemical cleaner can do the job when it comes to dislodging the soot. Cleaning up the soot and other physical signs of the fire first is essential when dealing with odors.

After tackling the sources of the odors, our technicians can investigate if any remain. If bad smells are still present, we can employ the use of thermal foggers and air scrubbers to help remove airborne particles and neutralize the scent. SERVPRO knows that removing all of the scents associated with the fire is vital in the restoration process and returning your home to its preloss state.

When fire damage strikes your home, do not wait. Day or night, call SERVPRO of Manayunk at (215) 482-0800. We can send our IICRC certified technicians to get your home as soon as possible and start the restoration process.

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Water Removal Services in Your Germantown Home After a Washing Machine Malfunction

3/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal Services in Your Germantown Home After a Washing Machine Malfunction Unfortunately, when washing machines break, a significant volume of water is suddenly on your floor. Contact SERVPRO right away to remediate.

Team SERVPRO Arrives With Many Options for Removing Water From Your Flooded Room

One of the most common sources of water damage in Germantown, washing machines can suddenly unleash many gallons of water in your home. The damage can be costly, and there are multiple ways that these devices can cause water damage. Burst water supply lines, loose connections, a drain hose disconnecting, or a pump valve getting clogged or malfunctioning are all possible causes.
Water damage in your Germantown home can be overwhelming since so many gallons of water can be dumped so quickly. However, the faster you react to get water removal services the better. You can avoid additional damages such as mold growth this way. Our technicians at SERVPRO are trained to help you, and we can be reached at any time you need us, so do not hesitate to reach out to us right away.
The first thing we need to do is extract the standing water from your home. There are various tools we can use to do this. Extractors can be used to remove water from the floor by using the vacuum component of the device. The extractors can be portable or truck mounted. Portable ones can be taken directly into your home, and it allows us to get to restricted areas. Truck mounted ones are more powerful and have their own power sources.
SERVPRO staff also have different extraction tools to use for drying your home. Pumps in a situation like this are handy. The strength of a pump is stated regarding lift and volume capacity. When the standing water is over two inches deep, we use a submersible pump with enough lift capability and volume capacity. We are careful to pump water directly into a treated sewer such as a toilet. We do not ever dispose of cleaning wastes through in this manner if your home has a septic system.
SERVPRO of Manayunk has all the right tools to help get the water out of your home in Andorra, Mt. Airy, or Chestnut Hill. Give us a call at (215) 482-0800 as soon as you have a need and we can help you get your home dry again.
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Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Mt Airy Businesses

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Professional Fire Damage Restoration For Mt Airy Businesses Fire Damage to Your Mt. Airy Cheese Steak Eatery? Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO Strives to Mitigate Damages Caused by Water, Smoke & Fire to Your Commercial Establishment

The Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia features many small independently owned businesses and dining establishments. Spreading out from Germantown Avenue over the last century and a half, the historic buildings house bookstores, offices, retail and coffee shops, art galleries, bars, and restaurants. Our well-trained fire damage crews dispatch quickly to respond to fire damage at any of this unique area’s commercial properties.
A blaze in any of these local gems not only puts commerce at risk, but it also threatens to alter the charm and history of the Mt Airy neighborhood. Fire damage need not be the end of your business nor the loss of a priceless landmark when we answer the call. Multiple fire restoration strategies combine into a coherent plan devised by our crew chiefs and reconstruction manager to address the damage done by charring, smoke, and soot, often while permitting your business to continue operations on at least a limited scale.
When the SERVPRO crew arrive at the fire scene, we assess for safety and damage. Because water from sprinkler systems and other firefighting efforts is usually present, we turn our attention first to its removal and add drying to our list of tasks. As devastating as fire damage can be, water damage is just as serious, causing progressive deterioration if not managed fast. Slip and fall accidents and concerns about electrical shock are minimized when we pump out and extract the water first, including from the dozens of nooks and crannies common in older buildings.
Smoke and soot also rapidly damages almost every material, from organic surfaces such as wood to synthetics such as plastics. Our fire damage work crews attend IICRC training to learn how to characterize soots as dry or wet, or protein or fossil fuel-based. Each type responds better to a particular cleaning protocol, and we are sure to use the specialized products, tools, and equipment always available loaded on our big green SERVPRO service vehicles that match the soiling we find on structural components. We can pack out the movable contents of your business for a range of water and soot damage cleaning and restoration efforts at our production site. Professional assessment by our experts results in many a “ruined” window covering, document, or other portable artifact being restored “Like it never even happened.”
Charring can respond to restoration efforts like deep cleaning, brushing, and sanding. Our SERVPRO reconstruction teams have the skills to repair and replace structures too damaged to function after cleaning. We strike a balance on every job, with restoration our focus to save costs and time, getting you back to business faster, but are pleased to offer suggestioned contractors for rebuilding and repairs if indicated.
When you face the aftermath of a fire in your Mt Airy business, SERVPRO of Manayunk is ready to assist every step of the way. Call (215) 482-0800 as soon as the all-clear issues from the authorities to schedule an assessment.

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There Is Hope After a Flood Damage Experience in Germantown

3/8/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage There Is Hope After a Flood Damage Experience in Germantown SERVPRO has the skills and expertise to restore the contents of your home after flood damage.

Rely on SERVPRO for Thorough Flood Damage Restoration Services

Though some aspects of flood damage are predictable and it is possible to salvage most of your contents, in some cases, you may end up with significant losses. We are referring to the cash you need to spend to do the repairs and replacements. When you fail to act promptly, water may penetrate into the hard to access areas and create conditions for mold growth in your Germantown home.

When addressing flood damage in Germantown, our SERVPRO technicians wear appropriate safety equipment such as work boots, safety glasses, rubber gloves and disposable respirators during the restoration. This protects them from exposure to bacteria, mold and any contaminants present. We have the skills and tools to inspect your ceilings, electrical systems, air ducts and heating systems. Our team takes the presence of holes, cracks, defective flashing, and missing shingles seriously.

In most cases, the chemical toxins, sewage, mud, and bacteria that the water carries into your property causes a big part of the destruction. That is why when our SERVPRO technicians are working for you they inspect the degree of damage to your porous and nonporous materials. Porous materials absorb water, and we usually discard them even when they are dry. Remember, drying is not enough to deal with the contaminants that they leave behind that are likely to cause health effects.

Nonporous materials made of concrete, plastic, porcelain, as well as glass, are in most cases salvageable. We clean, disinfect and dry them using specialized equipment and processes. We then have to ventilate the area to promote the circulation of air. Sometimes, we may use vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and fans to speed up the drying process. The wet vacuum cleaner is also useful when unblocking your baths and sinks and cleaning upholstery.

SERVPRO of Manayunk is an industry leader in fire, water, mold and storm damage restoration. Call us at (215) 482-0800 if you want us to make the disaster to appear “Like it never even happened.”  

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Mold Damage from Sink Leak in Your Germantown Home

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage from Sink Leak in Your Germantown Home It is important to have any leaks in your plumbing fixed in order to prevent mold growth.

SERVPRO’s Thorough Mold Remediation Process

Mold growth found underneath your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sinks in Germantown can be caused by various factors. Improper air flow, inadequate ventilation, high humidity, and leaks in your plumbing are all common reasons. While every home has some level of humidity, fixing those plumbing leaks before they cause more damage can not only keep the mold in check but also save money on your water bill.

If you have found mold and mold damage under a sink in your Germantown home, it is essential that you get it taken care of right away. Mold continues to spread quickly, so the problem only continues to get worse if left unchecked. Plus, it can be unsafe for you and your family, as mold can cause health effects. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you clean up the mold damage, plus fix the leak that caused it in the first place.

There are some significant steps we need to take in the mold remediation process. First, the mold contamination must be contained, so it does not spread to areas of your home which are uncontaminated. We are careful not to introduce airflow to uncontained mold spores, so they do not spread.

SERVPRO techs then proceed to remove the mold. The method used depends on the kind of surface the mold is on. Nonporous materials can usually be cleaned. However, porous materials often must be removed and discarded.

Dust and settled spores also need to be cleaned. Spores can be removed by HEPA vacuuming and damp wiping most of the time, even when they are on porous materials. We clean surfaces from top to bottom since mold spores settle downward. Surfaces are also cleaned in the direction of airflow toward negative air machines.

Your structure is lastly dried to prevent further mold growth. Setting up air movers and following the normal process of drying could spread mold further. Some procedures for drying are delayed until containment and mold removal are complete. Dehumidifiers which have little airflow can be used during containment and removal.

SERVPRO of Manayunk handle mold situations carefully in your home in Andorra, Mt. Airy, or Dearnley Park, so we do not spread the problem further. We are ready to help you at any time, so reach out to us at (215) 482-0800 as soon as you are aware of the issue.

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Preparing for Rebuilding after Fire Damage in Mt Airy

2/25/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Preparing for Rebuilding after Fire Damage in Mt Airy Fire damage can be devastating. Contact SERVPRO for remediation and restoration services. You will be very pleased with the results.

Professional Restoration Technicians can Help You Immensely After a Fire

Fires happen often enough that even smaller communities like Mt Airy know the importance of running a fire department even when shared with another locality. However, this type of tragedy happens seldom enough that many homeowners remain wholly unprepared for the amount of damages that ensue after even a small blaze. The area affected by the flames may seem small, but the smoke and ash rarely remain stationary.
Homes can experience fire damage in Mt Airy from a multitude of different causes. Every area of the home can fall victim to fire, as well, meaning smoke can travel throughout a home's entire interior. Before your family can return to their normal lives, you need to have your home's damaged areas rebuilt. SERVPRO helps families by speeding up this process and reducing costs by preparing the home for the needed repairs.
When we cut materials such as drywall away from sections of walls or ceilings, we always do so in a precise manner. It is easier to repair the materials in your home when the removed areas occur in a straight line, without any jagged or wavy edges. In addition to tearing out charred areas of walls and other materials, we clean the surfaces and areas covered in soot, ash, and smoke residue, repainting where necessary, to help facilitate the restoration process, from start to finish.
The act of cleaning surfaces often reveals areas that seemed damaged but, once cleaned, we discover that only minimal repairs can restore that area, instead, negating the need for replacement materials. This saves homeowners on both labor and materials costs and further reduces the time involved.
Because new materials do not suffer from smoke penetration, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) does not need to wait until just before your family returns home. We can eliminate the odor-causing particles from the areas infiltrated by smoke particles before restoration work commences. This also benefits those workers providing those services by ensuring a clean environment while they work.
SERVPRO of Manayunk wants to help homes with fire damage receive the restoration work needed so families can return home safely and quickly. We serve the same communities we live in and are proud to help those in the Roxborough and Andorra areas and surrounding communities. Call us at (215) 482-0800 at any time, day or night, year-round, for professional, skilled help when your family faces fire damage.

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Defective Water Heaters Can Require Water Removal Services In Germantown

2/9/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Defective Water Heaters Can Require Water Removal Services In Germantown Need Appliance Water Leak Restoration in Germantown? Call SERVPRO

Water Extraction and Drying After Appliance Malfunctions Are Crucial in the Restoration Process

Water heaters are a modern convenience that almost every single home in Germantown has gotten installed. While having hot water on demand is a great advancement in comfortable living, many people often forget that these are just appliances that need servicing and replacement as they age. Since most people do not even have their heaters regularly inspected, it is clear that far less replace them after the recommended amount of years in use.  
While this might be typical of homeowners to run appliances like these until they officially break down and wear out, it might not always bode well for your home. In fact, when appliances like your water heater decided to quit altogether, this action could ultimately spill its contents out onto the floor of your home. Depending on the size of this appliance, this could be a large volume of water that can cause a good deal of damage if not dealt with quickly. A problem like this requires water removal services for your Germantown residence.  
Worse still, many water heaters are on an automatic feed system in which they refill once the water reaches a certain drop in depth. With the case of losing all of the water contents in the heater, you can anticipate that the appliance then continually feeds new water to try and refill the tank. When you call SERVPRO, our technicians work quickly to ensure that more water is not going to spew onto the floor by shutting it off at the source.  
From here, our experienced SERVPRO professionals can begin water extraction. Truck-mounted pumps are not often needed though portable equipment is, our team can quickly pull water from the affected area. From this point, our drying efforts (using air movers and dehumidification devices) can begin. We can ensure that this process is wholly successful by having our team uses thermal imagery to look beyond the line of sight into walls and under floors. This inspection is especially critical when the leaking appliance is located on an upper-level floor of the structure.
When you are dealing with a broken water heater that has spilled a large volume of water onto the floor of your home, you do not have to deal with the resulting damage alone. Give our SERVPRO of Manayunk professionals a call today at (215) 482-0800.

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Cleaning And Removing Commercial Mold Damage In Chestnut Hill

1/22/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Cleaning And Removing Commercial Mold Damage In Chestnut Hill Treating a mold infestation is different for every Chestnut Hill business.

Removing Commercial Mold Damage

Treating a mold infestation is different for every Chestnut Hill business. In an establishment like a brewery/restaurant, there is a mix of retail and industrial operations that have different needs. While airborne mold does not affect most people, ingesting spores can cause health problems.

Cleaning Chestnut Hill commercial mold damage normally allows us to use cleaning agents we might not use in private homes. In a food processing environment, however, SERVPRO team members have to be more cautious, so we do not inadvertently contaminate food or food products. Our goal, after all, is to help each business reopen their doors as quickly as possible, not to cause further loss.

We usually find mold growing behind a refrigerator or other food storage unit. These areas usually have some moisture on the outside and since they are constantly in use, difficult to move and thoroughly clean. The moisture also collects in a pool underneath the unit where mold can expand and grow as well.

To prevent contaminating the inside of the unit, we seal it and use an anti-fungal spray to kill any spores on the outside surfaces. Then, we use dry cloths and sponges to remove the mold. If the layer is very thick, SERVPRO technicians may use a vacuum with a special, HEPA filter that is designed to capture even a single spore from the surface.

Once the outside is clean, we examine the inside. If we find any spores, unfortunately, that means we have to empty the unit and dispose of any food or ingredients like yeast or hops before cleaning it.

On the industrial side, it is the moisture overhead which can be a problem. Even the small amounts which collect on top of a pipe can provide enough for spores to expand and grow. Eventually, spores break away from this mass and travel on air currents throughout the entire structure.

Our technicians use dry sponges to soak up the moisture and mold without disturbing it enough to cause more to break away. Once we have all visible mold removed, we use air content meters to ensure the environment is back to a safe level.

At SERVPRO of Manayunk, we understand just how important it is to reopen for business quickly. Each day closed means a loss of receipts and owners cannot take care of their customers and employees. Enough days closed can shut down a business permanently. If you see or suspect mold is in your business, call us at (215) 482-0800. We are here to help.

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Heavy Rains Push Germantown Area Rivers Past Flood Stage

1/21/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Heavy Rains Push Germantown Area Rivers Past Flood Stage Germantown Homeowners Turn to SERVPRO for Floodwater Extraction and Remediation

Ground and Rain Water Flooding Can Get Immediate Help from SERVPRO Protecting Many Germantown Properties

The historic Germantown area owes a large part of its charm to its proximity to Delaware and the Schuylkill Rivers. These waterways become a source of danger and damage when they flood their banks and the streets and building nearby. Our crews prepare for this eventuality regularly and have effective and practical tactics to remove the water and dry out the structures affected.

When you realize water is inching up the walls of your Germantown lower level, you need help to assess the flood damage. It is a rare homeowner who possesses the powerful and specialized equipment needed to clear the water and dry out the walls and floors. Because the water is a combination of rain runoff and river water, the moisture trapped in your foundation likely is contaminated, a situation that benefits from attention by professional flood remediators.
SERVPRO technicians use commercial-sized water extractors and pumps to remove flooding fast. Water cannot be left to drain over a few days without risking secondary damage to building structures or mold growth. Since the water could be tainted with bacteria and viruses, first extraction and then sanitization must occur. Then the lingering moisture reduces to normal levels through the use of air movers and dehumidifiers, with heat added to accelerate the process.

If flood insurance comes into play, SERVPRO can help facilitate the claims process with thoughtful interfacing with our customer and his/her insurance adjuster.
Appliances such as laundry equipment and your water heater need to be checked out for damage before their operation can be resumed. If your HVAC system is located close to the affected area, it should be inspected for damage and also residual water. If any lingering moisture is not removed from the interior of the ductwork, it could fuel mold growth and contribute to odors that could spread throughout all levels of your home. SERVPRO technicians are certified to clean the ducts and also work on lingering smells from the flood waters.
Any items stored in the flooded area need evaluation. SERVPRO employees pack out boxes and help review their condition in a dry area. Washable items like clothing are usually salvageable, as are non-porous articles that can be scrubbed clean.

Papers, books, and pictures can be saved using a freeze-drying technique. If you are concerned that the contaminants are still present, the dried documents can be copied for future reference, and the originals discarded. SERVPRO drying experts help customers make these educated choices.
The work crews at SERVPRO of Manayunk are experienced in flood recovery and eager to help with your water damage issues. Contact us at (215) 482-0800 immediately as water damage is serious and progressive.

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