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Water Damage to Carpets--Roxborough

Soaked carpets from a water leak in a Roxborough home show the tracts exiting from the soggy room. Since it was clean water from a plumbing problem, the floorin... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Manayunk Home

Fire damage struck this Manayunk house due to faulty wiring. The fire began in the attic which had been remodeled as an office. The fire was put out very quickl... READ MORE

Market Cleanup in Manayunk

Bad weather and luck resulted in a messy situation in this office suite in Manayunk. The debris was dry, so SERVPRO technicians do not need water extraction equ... READ MORE

Roxborough Storm Damaging Nightmare

The tremendously strong winds tore a hole in the roof and deposited debris on the interior of the family room of this Roxborough home. The rain can compound the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In Chestnut Hill

When it comes to dealing with mold damage you need a professional restoration company that is a leader in the restoration industry like the team at SERVPRO. Mol... READ MORE

Roxborough Water Leaks and Damage

When water pools on hardwood flooring and stairs for an extended amount of time, significant damage can occur. Homes in Roxborough, mainly of two and three-leve... READ MORE

Mold Damage - Roxborough Home

Mold damage at this Roxborough home was discovered by the homeowner around the floor molding. The homeowners attempted to clean up the mold themselves, but they... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Results in a Remodel in Roxborough

Some fires started by a microwave or an oven can lead to significant damage when an ABC type fire extinguisher is at the ready for such flare-ups. Whether in Ro... READ MORE

Storm Water in a Manayunk Basement

Water naturally gravitates to the lowest point thus making basements in Manayunk more susceptible to flooding conditions. SERVPRO recommends checking your sump ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Roxborough Office Building

Commercial water damage hit this Roxborough office building when a water line burst. As the before photo shows, the entire hallway was flooded along with severa... READ MORE